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...The Cookie Witch and the Keys...Saturday, April 27, 2013
Last week I travelled up to KL to attend a program called Money And You. I had many previous requests to bring cookies but I never seemed to have time. This round I decided to do something special for my friends there.

I had a hard time hunting down the cookie cutter but I managed to find it. Why a key you ask, well, cause it is one of the symbol of the program. It was real hard work but seeing people so excited to receive their keys made it all worth the while. That was not all I brought. I also brought with me 3 boxes of my very luscious brownies. All 3 boxes were gone by the first day I was there and 2 of the boxes disappeared within an hour! I love it when people enjoy my goodies! Unfortunately I didn't take a picture before they were gone but here are 2 brownies I made for my 2 good friends who put me up while I was there. Gin Hai and Mui Lee Special Brownies!

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